Food Enthusiast
I always loved to eat and food was my favorite playground. I experimented often, playing around with texture and taste, savoring each unlikely combination. Food was that warm, cozy place I would go to whenever I needed comfort and an escape from childhood and teen woes. As an adult, the simple act of cooking and baking is therapy for me, relieving stress and tension and while baking or cooking I can focus my thoughts and think through my problems and everything going on in my life. The kitchen is where I am happy and find calmness, serenity and answers while preparing things from my heart to make those I love happy. And I just love to eat.

→ Oct 2014
→ Jul 2014 gastrogirl:

vegan and gluten-free peaches and cream stuffed blueberry pancakes.
→ Jul 2014 foody-goody:

Mint Chip Milkshake (Love and Lentils)
→ Jul 2014 bakeddd:

giant pina colada cookie cups
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→ May 2014 dietkiller:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies
→ Apr 2014 gastrogirl:

cookies and cream strawberry cheesecake bars.
→ Apr 2014 foodishouldnoteat:

→ Apr 2014
→ Apr 2014
→ Apr 2014
→ Apr 2014
→ Apr 2014
→ Apr 2014
→ Apr 2014 cupcakes-for-breakfast:

Scientifically Sweet: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecakes
→ Apr 2014 gastrogirl:

rainbow swirl cake.